What Is Ethical Shopping?

The fast fashion industry is disruptive and harmful to garment workers all over the world and to the ecosystem. I aim to avoid unethical brands entirely and support companies that ensure garment workers with a living wage and safe working conditions, and produce sustainably - avoiding harmful toxins that pollute the oceans and the atmosphere. Ethical shopping is not limited to apparel. You can apply mindful shopping practices to your home, office, and travel. 

What is Fair Findings?

Fair Findings started as an ethical and sustainable fashion Instagram page in hopes of inspiring others to choose responsible brands instead of big business retailers with unethical manufacturing and supply chain practices. The goal is for ethical shopping to be the standard, not the exception. Now, Fair Findings is branching out to help shoppers even further by offering an easier way to spend money mindfully.

Our Services

It's simple. I do your shopping for you.

Tell Fair Findings what kind of items you wish to purchase and your preferred price, style, fit, and condition. I find the perfect match for you based on brands and companies with strict ethical manufacturing and supply chain standards. A finder's fee is included in the final cost.